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  • About Carry-On Publishing

    Carry-On Publishing (COP) is a media company concerned solely with the publication of digital-only magazines. The company headquarters are located in Berlin. Founded in 2013 by Theresa Neubauer, Alex Sutter and Antonia Sutter, COP is completely self-financed and therefore fully independent & not part of a big media corporation.

  • Our goal

    Our goal is to provide innovative high quality magazines for our readers. We’re also
    committed to offering future proof ways of communication to our partners
    facilitating the successful creation
    and strategic management of their
    brands and products.

  • Our magazines

    Our magazines are targeted to a varying range of readers. We want to explore new visions for familiar concepts like “women’s magazines” and also create new genres which the market is currently lacking.

    All our magazines are exclusively available in digital format (no paper issues) and are most widely read on iPads, other tablets and also smart phones. Available in German and English, in an app and a web-based version they contain an abundance of links, images, videos and sound snippets.

  • Production

    Our editorial staff works with numerous free-lance contributors to create and collect articles, image spreads, sounds and moving pictures. Our guiding principle is „passionate beats professional“ as we believe that only someone truly passionate about a subject can capture an audience’s imagination.

    We love working with bloggers from all backgrounds. Specific features are created exclusively for our magazines but the contributors as well as our partners can use the content in a variety of ways following an issue’s publication.

  • Content Marketing in our magazines

    Our monetization strategy focuses on content marketing. In cooperation with our partners L'Oréal, DHL, Merck, Media Broadcast, Coca-Cola and Ford we opt for the (labelled) contextual integration of brands and products into the magazine rather than disruptive ad campaigns. We’re convinced that this approach offers a higher level of both impact and authenticity.

  • Beyond the magazines

    Our magazines constitute an important content hub within and are the centre of our publishing activities. Our communications and networking activities as well as the content of our brands, however, take us far beyond the magazines themselves. We see it as a prerequisite of the digital age to make our formats available and consumable through a variety of channels such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or Youtube. We therefore put a premium on the immediate exchange with our contributors, readers and partners, be it online, in person or even via mail.

The Founders

Antonia Sutter studied Business Administration with a focus on finance and strategic management at HHL – Leipzig Graduate School of Management. After graduation she started her professional career at YOC Plc, a pioneer in mobile marketing, mobile internet and mobile advertising in Berlin. In 2008 she became head of the Business Development section before transferring to the London office in 2011 where she served as managing director for their subsidiary YOC Ltd. Antonia is COP’s strategic development manager and also responsible for the administrative business organisation and the development of their media brand’s reach extension.

Alex Sutter studied law in Bonn and Frankfurt/Main. After two years at Fidelity Investments he joined the founding team of YOC Plc, Berlin in 2001. He developed and led the mobile marketing, mobile internet and mobile advertising pioneer’s sales division for more than 12 years while at the same time serving as managing director of Sevenval Ltd. In Cologne. In late 2012 Alex left the YOC Plc board as well as his post as managing director of Sevenval Ltd. to set up COP with Antonia and Theresa. He heads the sales and investor relations department.

Theresa Neubauer made her way into digital publishing by way of classic printing technologies. From HdM in Stuttgart via the London College of Communication she graduated from her course in book and media production with a degree in engineering. The idea for the first edition of sisterMAG developed from her 2011 thesis examining opportunities and challenges for magazines in the digital age. Theresa heads COP’s editorial department and is responsible for the sourcing of contributors as well as any decisions regarding design and art direction.

The Journal for the
digital lady

With a new edition every two months sisterMAG covers a range of topics from fashion and technology to digitals trends, food, DIY and other lifestyle aspects. SisterMAG addresses a group of women traditionally ignored by classic publishing companies: well-educated, independent women with a wide variety of interests who have a penchant for anything digital as well as intelligent information presented in an appealing style and design.

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  • Upcoming magazines

    We’re currently developing new magazines! Your suggestions for interesting formats are more than welcome. We’re always looking to cooperate with innovative publishers and bringing our know how in content, production, design, marketing and sales to the table!

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